11 Jul 2011

Superior Walls, why do we use them?

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In an effort to provide the very best innovations in home foundations we are constantly searching for the best way to build an energy efficient, water resistant, eco-friendly basement system. Superior walls seem to be just that, superior to the typical poured concrete basement walls.

Studies show that an un-insulated basement can account for 33% of the total heat loss in a home. Superior walls come with insulation that is bonded directly to the concrete wall. It also allows for more insulation to be added on the interior giving you even greater energy efficiency and added energy savings.

Superior walls are also very water resistant. The face shell of superior walls consists of 5000+ PSI concrete, which has a low water to cement ratio. This gives you greater moisture protection and helps prevent the transfer of moisture through the wall, enhancing durability. Because the damp-proofing is built in there is no need for some of the chemicals and sprays used on typical concrete walls that can be contaminates to surrounding soil and water.

Superior Wall panels which are pre-cast and pre-fabricated are constructed in a way that allows for up to 70% less concrete to be used than typical “poured on site” basement walls. They also use locally available indigenous sources that are usually within 300 miles of the project site.

Lastly, they can be installed in hours, which can help minimize the time soil is exposed to erosion. For all these reasons we tried Superior Walls and after using them for over six years we now try to use them on most of our projects.